Shawn Reese

Profile Updated: January 15, 2009
Residing In: Washington, DC USA
Spouse/Partner: Julea
Occupation: Political Scientist aka someone with no real skill
Children: none, zero, zip
Military Service: Army
Yes! Attending Reunion

yep, rewriting it once again....with CNN blaring with "news" about the elections in my ear...I have to do something to distract myself.

Went to MTSU after high school, originally majored in geography. Got kicked out of MTSU winter of '89 for "poor" performance. Enlisted in the Army in 90.

Met and married my wife in the Summer of 1991. Left the Army, went back to MTSU and finished but got a degree in history. Commissioned in the Army in 1994.

Stationed in Germany '95-'98, then stationed in Texas '98-01 and while there got advanced degree in National Security Policy.

Left the Army in 2001, moved to DC and started working for Congress as a political scientist on terrorism and homeland security issues. Also teach at George Washington Univ.

I have drank a lot of beer all over the world...probably one of my most amazing accomplishments!

I have lost a lot of hair and most of my hearing (7 years in the field artillery) but I am now a lot nicer than I used to be....I guess my wife is finally rubbing off on me after 17 years of marriage.

School Story:

it all seems like a fog, don't remember as much as I probably should...maybe the result of dead brain cells or replaced with other crap that I will forget in the next 20 years

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Hiking in British Columbia, Canada August 2008
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Hanging out with a local in Vancouver, Canada
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What I really look like, figure I need to be honest since you will see me on Nov. 15
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What I want for Christmas