From Around Here?

 * These were compiled from classmates' responses on the message board.


You Grew Up in Fayetteville if.........

you or one of your friends had a car stereo that was worth way more than the car itself

you know what Funland is

you went to Pic-n-Pac

you went to Big K and participated in the Big K disco.

you skated at Lewter's Roller Rink

you know what SUN-DROP is

you ever got your new shoes thrown up on by your drunk friend

your driver's education class meant driving on gravel, country roads in the tri-county area and stopping for ice cream at the Dairy Queen in Tullahoma.

your "night out on the town" consists of sitting in a parking lot all night!

the highlight of your week consisted of driving back and forth from Mr. Quick's to the old Walmart until you finally find out there was a party somewhere.

you buy the Elk Valley Times just to see who you know that was arrested this week.

going to Huntsville was a weekly occurrence, just to go

you remember going to the Christmas thingy at the bank by the post office to see Santa Claus. (Fantasy Land)

you bought your school clothes at Lawson's or The National Store, and your sneakers at the Coaches Corner.

you ever called WYTM and made a 'Special Dedication' to someone.

you ate at the Stone Bridge Restaurant, Weiner King or the Lamplighter on a regular basis

you have spent the last 20 years having to tell people where Fayetteville is by referencing Nashville, Huntsville, and Jack Daniels

you have ever used "fixin" to replace "about" in a sentence, i.e. "I'm fixin to head to town and buy some Sun Drop"

you can discuss the merits of Skoal and Copenhagen AND accurately describe why you dip a certain brand, cut, and flavor

you not only know every word to the song "Rocky Top" but also still remember the whole routine and movements to go with it

you know what a Pool Room slaw burger is

you ever went into Mr Bill's to buy Rap cassettes

you ever visited the bootlegger in Vann Town

you drove by the jail and prisoners had their feet hanging out from the bars on the windows.

you ever got stopped/pulled over by Sugar Bear and always wore an LCHS jersey to court

you remember the big jersey cow on the corner across from the former Dairy Queen

you can remember getting the golden egg from the Country Cobbler shoe store.

you've ever let the guys talk you into going snipe hunting.

you remember when the Lincoln Theater had a balcony....or remember shopping at the old Kuhn's before it burned

you ever went hunting for the "Flintville Light"

you knew RAMBO as a car dealership instead of an action hero

sneaking into the beer tent at the fair was the highlight of your fair attendance

you went to the fair on Fair Day

you always went swimming in the Elk River and never set foot in a pool during the summer

you used to get together and play hide-and-seek in cars with a "CB" radio

you remember the cop they hired at McDonald's to keep us kids from hanging out in the parking lot